• Cane refiners assist in delivering Europe's development goals as they use different raw material for sugar

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Blog: To overcome the crisis, trade is Europe’s best ally

The world is facing an unparalleled challenge as a health crisis increasingly develops into a historical and unforeseen economic fallout. Trade is expected to be disproportionally affected by the economic slowdown. The WTO...[more]

A chance for sugar in the EU-Australia FTA: don’t let trade turn sour

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has committed to “a strong, open and fair trade agenda” as a means of strengthening Europe’s role as a global leader and standard setter. Negotiators got together for the 6th negotiating...[more]

ESRA presents study on raw materials

On 30 January, the European Sugar Refineries Association (ESRA) presented a study on access to raw materials in the EU cane refining sector. A roundtable event in the European Parliament - hosted by MEP Sofia Ribeiro - focused on...[more]

Blog: A fair deal for sugar in the EU-Australia FTA

Negotiations with Australia are a crucial opportunity to rebalance the EU sugar sector[more]

Blog: The EU, Mexico, and Sugar - the exception that proves the rule?

In April 2018, following two years of negotiation, the EU and Mexico reached a political agreement on an update of the 2000 EU-Mexico Global Agreement. Among the most notable innovations was the inclusion of market access for...[more]

Setting the record straight on in-quota duties: ESRA open letter to Commissioner Malmström

23 April 2018 Dear Commissioner Malmström, As the EU’s negotiations towards a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Mercosur enter their final stages, the voices of the EU sugar sector have grown louder. The European Sugar...[more]

The EU-Mercosur deal – don’t sweat the sweet stuff

By Marie van Raemdonck, ESRA Executive Director[more]

ESRA study outlines the challenges faced by EU cane sugar refiners

The European Sugar Refineries Association has recently produced a study which aims to shed some light on the challenges faced by EU cane sugar refiners.[more]

Towards a truly global EU-Mexico deal – the role of sugar

by Marie van Raemdonck, ESRA Executive Director[more]

ESRA and CIUS call for access to sugar in EU-Mercosur free trade agreement

The current EU trade agenda shows a level of ambition and leadership never seen before, as Europe takes on the mantle of global champion of free trade. Ongoing negotiations with Mercosur could well lead to the most valuable free...[more]