• Cane refiners provide customer choice and food security as they use different raw material for sugar


London MEP takes sugar fight to EU competition chief

15 January 2013 - MEP Marina Yannadoudakis raised her concerns about the need to save the cane sugar refining industry to Joaquín Almunia, European Commission Vice-President in charge of Competition, the MEP disclosed in a press...

Eurodeputada Patrão Neves reúne com Comissário Almunia

15 January 2013 - A task Force para o sector do açúcar, grupo de trabalho do Parlamento Europeu da iniciativa da Eurodeputada Patrão Neves reúne como o Comissário da Concorrência, Joaquín Almunia.

EU sugar refiners bring their fight to London

Sugaronline.com, 27 November 2012 - In its opening shot during the International Sugar Organisation's annual conference in London on Tuesday, the European sugar refiners threw down the gauntlet to demand that they were not...

The end of the cane sugar industry in Europe?

Brussels, 29 November 2012 – The European Sugar Refineries Association (ESRA) asks The European Parliament to avoid legislation that would largely destroy the cane sugar refining industry in Europe. The current proposal for...[more]

EU - Sugar refiners lobby for lower tariffs

Kingsman Sugar News Summary, 27 November 2012 - Cane sugar refiners in the European Union are under threat unless punitive import tariffs on raw sugar are relaxed, a European Sugar Refiners Association spokeswoman...[more]

Sugar cane refiners being discriminated against beet processors in Europe, new report says

Brussels, 13 November 2012 – According to a report recently released by independent consultant Joan Noble, “in a sense, cane sugar refiners are being discriminated against beet processors because they don’t have an...[more]

Maria do Céu Patrão Neves organiza Workshop sobre o sector Açúcar

13 November 2012 - Decorre hoje, dia 13 de Novembro de 2012, no Parlamento Europeu, em Bruxelas um Workshop sobre o tema: Açúcar: O que está para além de beterraba e quotas. O equilíbrio de mercado e a escolha do consumidor,...

Sweet future for beet sugar refiners

Financial Times, 14 November 2012 - Times are sweet for beet sugar refiners in Europe. Protected by production quotas and import tariffs, the region’s beet sugar refiners are racking up profits, and reporting operating margins...

London MEP accuses EU Commission of letting down citizens

11 September 2012 – A shortage of sugar cane imports into the EU is driving up the cost of sugar and threatening jobs in the manufacturing sector. The EU rules which have affected the trade of sugar cane were the subject of...[more]

The sugar refining industry in Bulgaria at risk of collapsing

Sofia, 14 September 2012 - The sugar refining industry in Bulgaria at risk of collapsing Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and various Members of the European Parliament met today with all the sugar...[more]